USAR - Florida Task Force Two

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FL-TF 2 Search Discipline is made up of 3 groups: Search Team Managers (STM). Technical Search Specialists (TSS) and Canine Search Specialists (CSS).

Each of these groups have specific responsibilities which are determined based on the type of search operations. Search operations are broken into 3 modalities: Physical, Technical and Canine. In each of these modes we will start with detection (determining that a victim exists) then move into location (pinpointing the victims most probable location). Since Search is the first mode in any Search and Rescue Operation, we get in early and stay till the operation is completed. Often as a Rescue Operation progresses, Search will continue to help pinpoint the victims location.

Search Team members need to be proficient in mapping work, GPS operations and all the technical search tools.

Training for Search Team members is ever changing to keep up with the new technical devices constantly being developed.

On the Canine side of Search, our Teams train constantly in different environments and on different surfaces to be prepared for any disaster. FL-TF 2 has over 16 FEMA Certified Type 1 Search Teams (live find) and we currently have 2 teams certified in HR (human remains). FL-TF 2 has 2 FEMA K9 Evaluators as well as 2 FEMA K9 mentors. With these individuals and all the other dedicated K9 Handlers we are able to continue to grow.

FL-TF 2 Search Discipline is ever evolving and always ready to perform.