USAR - Florida Task Force Two

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The logistics personnel are the first in to prepare for a deployment and the last one’s to go home at the end of a deployment.  This discipline is responsible for ensuring the preparation and maintenance of the task force equipment cache.  Logistics needs to have all aspects of the task force mobilization well planned and exercised in order to accomplish such a large undertaking in a short period of time. All necessary equipment, tools and supplies that support the task force should either be cached separately or the locations of any separate items must be known and a process must be established quickly to assemble all of them. Load plans need to be in place that document where specific items are loaded on military aircraft pallets, with pallet weights and cubic feet already calculated. Additionally, load plans for ground transport should be in a place that show similar placement of cache items on over-the-road trucks.

Some of the logistics duties are as follows:

- Coordinating the packaging, transporting, distribution, and maintenance of the task force equipment cache prior, during, and subsequent to mission assignments

- Coordinating with military and/or civilian officials for transportation needs

- Ensuring accountability and security of the task force equipment cache

- Maintaining accurate and timely records and reports

- Adhering to all safety procedures

- Maintains and repairs the task force equipment cache

- Management of task force facilities and fleet

- Completion of all task force transportation documents (cargo manifest, shipping declarations, bills of lading, etc.)

- Ensuring accountability for all task force equipment