USAR - Florida Task Force Two

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The task force Communications Specialist is responsible for managing the communications system for the task force during incident operations. The development of a Communications Plan is based upon supporting the overall communications requirements of the entire task force. Appropriate task force personnel will be issued portable radios at the point of departure (POD) and will be responsible for them throughout the mission, until they are returned to the Communications Specialist upon return to the POD.

 - Effective communications between identified task force members.

 - Communications from the Task Force Leader to the Incident Support Team and local authorities.

 - Replacement of radios that malfunction or other unexpected occurrences.

- Long-haul communications to State and Federal government command and coordination centers.

The communications system must is capable of covering multiple work sites in the assigned locations.  The communications system has multi-channel capability and the radio frequencies are capable of penetrating structures or below grade environments.  DHS/FEMA will obtain operational frequencies for US&R task force operations.  Frequencies must be available in the 380-520 MHz range.  All task force communications systems are standardized and frequency-compatible.


The Communications Specialist is responsible for:

• Participating in the development of the Communications Plan.

• Installation, operation, and maintenance of the Task Force communications systems, including radio, satellite, telephone, internet, GPS, and networks during incidents.

• Coordinating communications with other entities, TFs, and the Incident/Joint Support Team Communication Unit Leaders.  

• Understanding of all safety policies and procedures related to the Communications Specialist.

• Assessing overall needs and developing the Task Force Incident Communications Plan.

 • Obtaining frequencies, installation, operation, and maintenance of the task force communications system during incident operations

• Accountability, maintenance, and minor repairs for all issued equipment. 

• Maintaining appropriate records and reports.

• Performing additional tasks or duties as assigned during a mission.

• Maintaining the communications cache in an operational state at all times.

• Monitoring all task force communications.

• Developing requests for ordering replacements for consumable items and items lost damaged or destroyed.