USAR - Florida Task Force Two

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Rescue’s main area of responsibility is to Operate within harm’s way to extricate or remove live victims from manmade and natural disasters. If you are trapped IN something, UNDER something, ON TOP of something, or twisted WITHIN something we are the group of Highly Trained and Motivated men and women coming to get you. We have a wide range of tools at our disposal and are highly educated in their use. We are well versed in the disciplines of.

- High Angle Rope Rescue

- Confined Space Entry and Rescue

- Trench Rescue

- Vehicle and Machinery Extrication

- Metal Cutting and Burning

- Concrete Cutting and Breaking

- Lifting and Moving Of Heavy Objects

- Emergency Shoring Techniques

  • January 2010 found us Rescuing Victims from several destroyed and collapsed buildings in the City of Port Au Prince Haiti, as well as the recovery of hundreds of deceased.
  • The summer months of 2010 were spent rebuilding and rehabbing our large Rescue Tool Cache, approximately 1000 man hours were used to get us back to a “Combat Ready” status.
  • The last part of the year has lent itself to Training on the valuable lessons learned while operating in Haiti, as well as honing and sharpening Rescue Tactics and procedures.

It is important to note:

Upon their return from Haiti, Florida Task Force 2 added their name to a very elite fraternity. There are very few Search and Rescue Teams worldwide that have the privilege to say the made even ONE LIVE rescue while operating at a disaster. Florida Task Force 2 can claim SEVEN.